About Us

CBD Pest Control: We’re From Melbourne, For Melbourne

By saying, we’re from Melbourne, for Melbourne we mean that we know Melbourne, its people, and its pest problems. No one can treat pests unless they know pests. With 25+ years of industry experience, our experts for Pest Control Melbourne services can solve any level of infestation within a few hours. 

Whether you have heard about CBD Pest Control Melbourne or not, our work speaks a lot about us. We can provide solutions for more than 10 types of pests. Our only pleasure is in protecting your families, homes, and businesses from pests because we know that our families are also part of the Melbourne area. We provide an end-to-end pest control process and also provide follow-up services when one-time treatment is not enough for your protection. 

About CBD Pest Control

Our commitment and values lie in the protection of customers from pests and insects and protecting homes and businesses against them. 

When and How CBD Pest Control Melbourne Started?

We started 27 years ago in 1996, and since then we have been serving in Melbourne and its suburbs. It all started with an idea to help homeowners and business owners maintain their premises safe against pests but over the years we grew into a big business and controlling pests became our interest and daily chores. We inspect the area, find everything behind the infestation, and plan the treatment.

The Reason Behind Our Success In This Industry

We know what it takes something to be successful. The reasons for our success are:

  • We keep ourselves updated with the time. 
  • Expertise in both small and large areas of pest infestation control
  • Safe equipment for all treatments
  • Response time impressed people
  • We control prices as well as pests. 
  • Best team for controlling local pests 
  • Our office is in Melbourne but our reach is in all suburbs of Melbourne. 
  • We have all the plans and resources to make local pest control services easy

Why CBD Pest Control Melbourne Should Be Your Choice 

Here are the top 10 reasons why we should be your choice in Melbourne:

  1. Available for same-day services
  2. Best services, best prices
  3. Certified pest control experts
  4. Special plans for local pests
  5. Eco-friendly options for all pests
  6. Helpful in a variety of pest control situations
  7. End-to-end pest control process
  8. Highly responsible and careful team 
  9. Always on time and on schedule
  10. No more pests, secure your property and health